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Sacramento Book Fair List Fall 2019



[Aviation] Flying Association, Inc.: Flying (magazine): May, 1921. 1921. Flying Association, Inc. . New York. Magazine. Very Good /  B&W Illustrations   Contents include: Hawaii from the Air, Aviation in Australia, Therapeutic Value of Flying, Report of the Canadian Air Board for the Year 1920, the International Michelin Cup Contest, and more.  Record #38841                    $75.00


[Archaeology] Roys, Ralph L.: The Titles Of Ebtun: Carnegie Institution of Washington Publ. No. 505. 1939. Carnegie Institution of Washington. Washington, D. C.  Paperback. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Near Fine /  B&W Illustrations  472p.  "In the archives of Ebtun, an Indian village near Valladolid in eastern Yucatan, there is a large collection of papers which, together with related documents from other sources, cover practically the entire colonial period and the first decade of the independence of Yucatan. These documents, about half of which are written in the Maya language, not only pertain to the history of the town, but also contain much information regarding the region to the west and south. The latter extends beyond Chichen Itza and includes nearly the western half of the ancient sacbe, or causeway, connecting the ruins of Yxuna with those of Coba." (from the introduction of the book). " one text is clarified by a parallel passage. In the thirties Ralph made several trips to Yucatan to improve his Maya and to gather material subsequently incorporated in the The Titles of Ebtun (1939) and, a long-time project, The Political Geography of the Yucatan Maya (1957). He traveled the interior of Yucatan, sometimes alone, sometimes in the company of Lawrence or a colleague, seeking to identify locations of sites mentioned in early documents, particularly with the object of redrawing as reliably as possible the boundaries of the old "Provinces" of Yucatan. This was a long and arduous task which took him by mule and on foot to many remote spots. Ralph was a keen observer and a thorough investigator; he was, indeed, a curious person in the old sense of that word as applied to Samuel Pepys by Evelyn. " (RALPH LOVELAND ROYS, 1879-1965. By J. ERIC S. THOMPSON) Record #38695                                                                                     $150.00


[Architecture] Luckhardt Und Anker: Zur Neuen Wohnform: Architekten BDA Uckhardt Und Anker. 1930. Bauwelt-Verlag. Berlin, Germany. Paperback. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Good /  B&W Illustrations  64p.  Ex-Library book "Wassili Luckhardt (22 July 1889 in Berlin – 2 December 1972 in Berlin) was a German architect. He studied at the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) and Dresden. Luckhardt and his brother Hans worked closely together for most of their lives. Both were members of the November Group (Novembergruppe), the Arbeitsrat für Kunst, the Glass Chain and, from 1926, the progressive architecture group Der Ring. The brothers shared an office with the architect Alfons Anker (b. 1872, d. 1952). "  "In the 1920s the brothers belonged to the 20th centuries rising architects. Originally Expressionist they then turned to modernism. Their buildings are typical examples with skeletons of steel or reinforced concrete. During National Socialism the Luckhardt brothers tried initially to reconcile their architecture with the new ruling powers and joined even the Nazi Party. It quickly became apparent however that the new regime required a different architectural language. They were professionally disqualified and could only build three single-family houses in this time, the exterior of which was made to blend in with the preferred style of the regime. "(both from Wikipedia) Record #38755                                                               $750.00

[Californiana] Clark, Galen: The Yosemite Valley: Its History, Characteristic Features and Theories Regarding its Origin. 1910. Nelson L. Salter. Yosemite Valley, CA. Paperback. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Very Good+ /  B&W Photographs  by George Fiske.  108p.   Includes black and white photographs by George Fiske. Record #38843                                    $150.00

[Californiana] Framed Ephemera From The San Francisco Fire Department: Ephemera From The San Francisco Fire Department 1914. San Francisco Fire Department. San Francisco, CA. Hardcover. Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations   This is a large framed group of ephemera - with information to be used by firemen in the course of their duties. The latest date on this material is July 1914. The frame is in very nice clean, condition and is somewhat unusual in its makeup - with screws and slats on the rear so it can be opened (basically, this frame is in the manor of a bulletin board which can be updated without too much difficulty) . Inside the frame are five sheets of paper which have been notated with different tables, including: SFFD Preliminary Comp. Calls & S. G. Signals, Tapping & Clearance Drills for Various Taps, Diameters of Drills, Powers & Roots of Numbers, SFFD Names and Locations of Apparatuses, Standard Telegraph Code information and two sheets underneath which aren't really visible. "On July 11, 1912, a unique contest was conducted in the presence of Chief Murphy, the Fire Commissioners, the Fire Committee of the Board of Supervisors, and a large attending crowd. A newly designed motor drawn apparatus, the Nott Motor Engine, was to be pitted against the finest horse drawn rig in the Department. The object of the contest was to determine the swiftest and most efficient of the two. The start of the race was from Second Avenue & Clement Street, the old house of Twenty-six Engine. At the sound of the gong the horses leaped into their collars and charged out the door, smoke already belching from the steamer. The driver of the Nott Motor Engine cranked his machine and was quickly in pursuit. His objective was the hydrant at Thirteenth and Lake Streets. He made it in 2 minutes and 20 seconds and the crew had water out the nozzle in a total elapsed time of 3 minutes and 40 seconds. The foam flecked horses drew up to their hydrant at Eleventh and Lake in 3 minutes and 55 seconds, with water flowing in 5 minutes and 6 seconds. Everyone knew what the results meant. The days of the horses had passed, and after this time none were purchased for Fire Department use. In 1903, the first electric auto had been purchased for the Chief and three more were bought in 1905, but they proved unreliable and none were in service at the time of the Fire. The first motor driven apparatus was installed in Chemical Company No. 3 on Bush Street in 1912. In March of the next year the first auto-driven steam engine was installed at Engine Company Twenty-eight, Stockton and Greenwich Streets." (from the SFFD historical page)  Record #38792                $250.00


[Card Games] Foster, R. F. :Foster's Russian Bank : A Card Game for Two Players. 1929. E. P. Dutton & Co. , Inc. . New York. Hardcover. New Edition/ 6th Printing. Very Good- /  B&W Illustrations  47p. Record #38850               $75.00


[Dogs] Sewell, A. J. and J. Hay Hutchison: The Perfect Bulldog: A Guide For Exhibitors Breeders And Judges : In Word and Pictures (With a Chapter on Mating, Whelping and Rearing of Bulldogs) . 1911. Illustrated Kennel News Co, Ltd. . London, England. Paperback. 5th Edition/ Very Good /  B&W Illustrations  by J. Hay Hutchison.  66p.                                            Record #38881                                                                               $50.00


[Horror] Barker, Clive: Books Of Blood I-VI 1985. Weidenfeld & Nicholson. London, England. Hardcover. 1st British Edition/ 1st Printing. Signed.    Very Good+ / Near Fine.  First Hardcover Trade Editions. Six Volume set. All copies have been signed and dated on the front endpapers by the author Clive Barker.  Record #38981                                                                           $550.00


[Photography]  Fiske, George (Technically, In The Style Of): A Group Of Five Photographs, Mounted On One Large, Folded Sheet Of Backing. Each Photograph Is 9 1/4" By 4 1/2" (rectangular)  : The Photos Are Labeled : Bridal Veil, El Capitan, Vernal , Cathedral Spires, and Yosemite. 0. George Fiske (Possibly) . Yosemite Valley, CA. Other. Very Good /  B&W Photographs   C1918. Five gelatin silver rectangular prints of famous Yosemite Valley spots on a backing sheet of approx. 27" by 19". The photographs are mostly clean and bright, with only some beginning rubbing to the outer edges of the image of Bridal Veil Falls. The bottom edge of the first fold has an inch long tear. There are a couple of minor spots of foxing to the backing sheet, but none on the photographs. Technically, as there's no imprint or signature to verify that these are indeed photographs by George Fiske, however, I've tracked down images in references of Fiske that match in nearly every way. , including: #341: Yosemite Falls, Summer, an unnumbered view: Vernal Falls, 350 Feet, Bridal Veil Falls, 900 Feet, (1918) , Cathedral Spires (1880's Mirror Image) , El Capitan 3300 ft c1880, and Yosemite Falls 2634 ft (c1884-1904)   "George Fiske (October 22, 1835 – October 21, 1918) was an American landscape photographer. Fiske was born in Amherst, New Hampshire and moved west with his brother to San Francisco. He apprenticed with Charles L. Weed and worked with Carleton E. Watkins, both early Yosemite photographers. Fiske and his wife moved to Yosemite in 1879 and lived there until he committed suicide in 1918. Fiske was living alone when he shot himself and he often told his neighbors he was "tired of living." Most of his negatives were destroyed when his house burned in 1904. Years later, when photographer Ansel Adams was a boy, his Aunt Mary gave him a copy of In the Heart of the Sierras when he was sick. The book piqued his interest enough to persuade his parents to vacation in Yosemite National Park in 1916. Most of the photographs in the book are by George Fiske" (from Wikipedia)                         Record #38793                                                                             $300.00


[Politics] Smyth, William Henry: Technocracy (first & Second Series: Social Universals) , Technocracy (first, Second & Third Series: Social Universals) , And, Technocracy (part I, Part Ii, Part Iii, Part Iv: Working Explosively, ....) 1920. No Publisher Listed. . Berkeley, CA. Paperback. Signed edition.  Very Good /    Two of the three books have been signed, with short inscriptions, by the author. Three paperback books. Published in 1920 & 1921. The books are in Very Good condition and were issued without a dust jacket. The covers of all three have some spotting, edge wear, rubbing and discoloration. The text pages are generally clean, though there is some light generalized toning to the pages. "There is some debate as to what is the best way to define technocracy or a technocrat. Duncan McDonnell and Marco Valbruzzi, in examining European technocratic politicians, define a minister as a technocrat if "at the time of his/her appointment to government, he/she: has never held public office under the banner of a political party; is not a formal member of any party; and is said to possess recognized non-party political expertise which is directly relevant to the role occupied in government." " (from Wikipedia) "TECHNOCRACY MOVEMENT of the 1930s advocated the radical reorganization of American society around the principles of advanced technology. William Henry Smyth, an inventor and social reformer from California, first coined the term "technocracy" in 1919. " (encyclopedia com)  Record #39036                                       $200.00


[Science Fiction] Wolfe, Gene: The Urth of The New Sun 1987. Ultramarine. New York. Hardcover. Limited Edition/   Signed edition.  Near Fine /   Limited to 125 copies signed by the author, this is number 59. Half leather with marbled paper covered boards and a leather spine. The book is in clean, bright condition. This book was issued without a dust jacket. "Unlike the four earlier parts of the Book of the New Sun, Urth of the New Sun mostly takes place outside Urth. The book is yet again a continuation of Severian's narration of the aftermath of his ascent to the throne and subsequent journey "between the suns" to be judged and win back the fountain of life that will rejuvenate the slowly dying sun and revive life on Urth. When the book begins, Severian has already rewritten his accounts of before and is beginning his new log aboard the spaceship that will take him to Yesod, an enigmatic planet, home to the godlike beings who have the power to grant Urth and its sun a new lease on life. " (from Wikipedia)               Record #                                                                                    $400.00


[Travel and Exploration] Allen, Jr., Thomas Gaskell and William Lewis Schtleben: Across Asia on A Bicycle 1894. The Century Co. . New York. Hardcover. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Very Good /   B&W Illustrations  234p.   "In 1890, two American college graduates set out to travel around the world on a then-new invention, the modern bicycle. In 1893 they returned, have covered over 15,000 miles, at that time the "longest continuous land journey ever made around the world." This is their account their trip across Turkey, Persia, Turkestan and northern China. It described their adventures traveling along through regions few outsiders ever visited." (from Goodreads)                           Record #38921                                                                         $125.00


[Young Adult] Atkinson, Eleanor: Greyfriars Bobby 1912. Harper & Brothers Publishers. New York. Hardcover. Early American Printing/ 1st Printing. Near Fine / 292p.  Early American printing with the code L-N (November 1913) on the copyright page.  Record #39003                                                         $40.00


[Western Americana] Chain & Hardy Booksellers & Stationers: Denver Illustrated 1881. Chain & Hardy Booksellers & Stationers. Denver, CO. Hardcover. Very Good / Very Good.  B&W Illustrations                                      Record #39078                                                                           $150.00


[World War I] [Archive] [Ballooning] World War I Balloonists Ephemera: World War I Balloonists Training Material From Arcadia, Ca. Fort Ross U.S. Ballooning Training School U. S. Government Printing Office. Arcadia, CA. Hardcover. Very Good /   In 1909 the United States Army set up a training reservation in Omaha, NE to train pilots (aviation) and balloonists (observation / signal corp. ) to begin utilizing the newest technological advances in flight in aid of the military. The facility in Nebraska had some unfortunate drawbacks - mostly weather related and after several years, other training facilities were opened, first in Texas, and then, as war beckoned, a facility in Southern California was opened just outside of Arcadia, CA. This facility became known as Ross field and was established June 3rd, 1918. Called the Army Balloon School (at least for a time) the first group of instructors transferred from Texas later in June. The school at some point included both instruction in ballooning (for aerial observation / signal corp.) but also a section of artillery instruction so that the two sections who would be working in concert in Europe would have some time to train together. The balloonists were to be map-makers, observers of battle formations of the opposition, and help the artillery aim mortars and readjust as needed. This group of ephemera comes from one cadet - Llewellyn Peck, who arrived at the Balloon school within a month or so of the instructors (some papers show dates of July and august 1918) , and goes through at least November 1918. There are also papers, lectures and ephemeral items from 1923-1924 when the balloonist became a Reserve Officer out of the San Francisco Bay area (his home was in Saratoga, CA). This archive represents a unique view of what was involved with making a cadet into a U. S. Army Air Corps Balloonist. (full list of items available on request.                                                                                 $3500.00