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October 9th Booklist


[Californiana] Harrison, E. S. : History Of Santa Cruz County California 1892. Pacific Press Publishing Company. San Francisco, CA. Hardcover. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations  379p.                       Record #36938                                                                     $750.00


[Californiana] Hart, Jerome: The Argonaut: April 28, 1906. 1906. The Argonaut. San Francisco, CA. Magazine. Near Fine /  B&W Illustrations  Record #A36941                                                               $50.00



[Computers] Bank Of America: Erma : Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting : Promotional Brochure for the Installation of the ERMA Machine in the Bank of American in San Francisco. 1956. Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association. San Francisco, CA. Spiral bound. 1st Edition/ 1st Printing. Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations  32p.  This is an oversized brochure with heavy cardstock covers and a spiral binding. The Brochure is in Very Good+ condition and was issued without a dust jacket. The spine ends and corners of the brochure covers have some beginning bumping and rubbing. There are several spots of rubbing to the front cover. The text pages are clean and bright. The brochure discusses not only the background of what the machine is supposed to do, but how it works, in some detail. "ERMA (Electronic Recording Machine, Accounting) , was a pioneering computer development project run at SRI International under contract to Bank of America in order to automate banking bookkeeping. The project ran from 1950 to 1955. ERMA was under the technical leadership of computer scientist Jerre Noe. After the project's successful conclusion, General Electric was contracted to build 32 ERMA machines. They were so successful in operation that Bank of America was propelled ahead of other banks in profitability, and became the world's largest bank by 1970."  Record #A36448                                  $200.00


[Computers] Computer Synectics: SUM :  (System Utilization Monitor Users Manual, Report, Portfolio of Specimen Publicity, and Typewritten Synopsis) Group of Four Items. 1969. Computer Synectics, Inc. . Santa Clara, CA. Spiral bound. 1st Edition/ Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations   Group of four items with introductory / Sample material for a new program to "synthesize data on the efficiency of plant machinery...SUM (System Utilization Monitor) and markets or leases with its various attachments to transmit the performance data audibly or visibly). Two spiral bound manuals, one report with cardstock covers and a stapled spine a large fold out brochure and a three page typewritten introduction. At the time of this group of items were published - the company had just started in Santa Clara California and had already received at least one large contract for their new product.  Record #A36509                                                   $150.00


[Ephemera] [Pan-Pacific Exposition] [San Francisco, Ca]: American Press Humorists Day Panorama Photograph : Aug. 25th, 1915 Pan Pacific International Exposition. 1915. San Francisco, CA. Photograph. Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations   Oblong panorama photograph (approximately 32" x 8") This is an oversized oblong photograph of the American Press Humorists Day events (including a Tree planting) at the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. The photograph was taken by The Cardinell-Vincent Co. (official photographers to the Pan Pacific Exposition). The photograph features a group of officials planting a tree, with a large seated crowd of onlookers.  Record #A36930                     $150.00


[Ephemera] [Photograph] [Magic] [Signed]:5" X 7" Signed Photograph Of Harry Houdini 1923. California. Photograph. Very Good /  SIGNED EDITION. This photograph is in Very Good condition , with some spotting and wear, though no loss of color. Signed by Harry Houdini and dated April 27, 1923 to George Walsh. The date of this signature, Houdini was at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles-- "Announcement of a lecture in Los Angeles, billing it as "the first serious lecture delivered by Houdini on the subject of Spiritualism and the kindred arts." The announcement includes an explanation of the ethical and philosophical grounds of Houdini's opposition to spiritualistic fraud."  Record#A36461                                                                    $1,650.00



[Music] [Entertainment] [Walt Disney] Churchill, Frank E. (with Additional Lyric by Ann Ronell) :Mickey Mouse Presents Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf : From the Walt Disney Silly Symphony the Three Little Pigs. 1933. Irving Berlin, Inc / Walt Disney Ent. . New York. Sheet music. 1st Edition/ Very Good- /  Color Illustrations                                    Record #A36975                                                                          $40.00


[Photography} [Californiana] Worden, Willard: The Portals Of The Past:  (Golden Gate Park) . 1910. San Francisco, CA. Other. Near Fine /  Silver Gelatin Print (approx. 8"x10") . Framed in an apparently original frame. The artist, Willard Worden, served in the Spanish American War in the Philippines then moved to San Francisco, Ca in 1902. His first photography studio was at the Cliff House, with a later gallery located on Stockton Street. He photographed areas of San Francisco, including Chinatown and then the 1906 earthquake and fire. He was best known for his photographs of the Pan Pacific Exposition of 1915. This particular photograph, called The Portals of the Past from 1910 denotes a set of Greek columns that had originally been the front entrance to the Nob Hill mansion of Alban Towne the railroad magnate. The house on Nob Hill was destroyed during the 1906 earthquake while the columns remained -- the city of San Francisco used the columns as a memorial and reminder of the devastating earthquake. The columns were moved to Golden Gate Park, at the edge of Lloyd Lake, where the photograph was taken.  Record #A36817                                   $250.00


[Photography] [Acting] [Californiana] Jackson, Edwin R. (Amateur Photographer): Two Cabinet Cards Featuring A Group Of Actors Fencing : Redwood Canôn (Which is Now Redwood Canyon, in San Leandro Valley) 1894.. 1894. Edwin K. Jackson (Amateur Photographer) . San Leandro, CA. Hardcover. Very Good+ /  B&W Illustrations   Two Cabinet Cards (approximately 4" x 5") featuring a group of five men (likely actors) fencing. The first image shows the fencers in mid-battle. The second image shows one of the fencer's on the ground and apparently mortally wounded. There are two notes on the reverse of the photos - the first: "Redwood Canôn, September 1894". The second: "Myron is Fencer on left, opponent is Dr. Neil C. Trew of LA". Dr. Neil C. Trew was an anesthesiologist from the Los Angeles area during the late 1980's through the 1920's.                              Record #A36820                                                                       $250.00


[United States Army] [Californiana] Cooke Clarion: 30 Issues Of The Cooke Clarion (from Camp Cooke, Ca)  : Starting from Friday, Sept 26, 1945 through Friday April 5th, 1946 (Including Two Duplicate Issues) . 0. Cooke Clarion. Camp Cooke, CA. Newspaper. Very Good /  B&W Illustrations   30 Issues, starting from Friday, Sept 26, 1945 through Friday April 5th, 1946 (Including Two Duplicate Issues) . Camp Cooke (1941–1953) . "In 1941 the United States Army sought more and better training centers for the rapid development of its armored and infantry forces. In March 1941, the Army acquired approximately 86,000 acres (35,000 ha) of open ranch lands along the Central Coast of California between Lompoc and Santa Maria. Most of the land was purchased. Smaller parcels were obtained either by lease, license, or as easements. With its flat plateau, surrounding hills, numerous canyons, and relative remoteness from populated areas, the Army was convinced it had found the ideal training location. Construction of the Army camp began in September 1941. Although its completion was still months away, the Army activated the camp on 5 October, and named it Camp Cooke in honor of Major General Phillip St. George Cooke. General Cooke was a cavalry officer whose military career spanned almost half a century, beginning with his graduation from West Point in 1827 to his retirement in 1873. He participated in the Mexican War, the Indian Wars, and the Civil War. A native of Virginia, General Cooke remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War. Perhaps his most enduring achievement came when as a colonel during the Mexican War, he led a battalion of Mormons from Missouri to California. The route led by Colonel Cooke in 1847 opened the first wagon route to California, and today the railroad follows much of the early wagon trails."  Record#A36947                                                                       $150.00


[Young Adult] [Music] Baum, L. Frank (George M. Hill Company) :Two Songs Of Father Goose:  (Christmas Music Supplement of the Examiner) . 1900. The Examiner / George M. Hill Company. Chicago, IL. Sheet music. 1st Edition Thus/ 1st Printing. Very Good+ /  Color Illustrations  Unpaginated  A scarce Baumiana ephemeral piece. Consisting of one full page, folded twice into eight pages. Illustrated with red, green and black on heavy-duty newsprint. The supplement contains two songs written by L. Frank Baum, as part of his Father Goose series.. This copy has some light toning, especially to the spine and edges, and several small spots of discoloration / foxing. The pages are untorn, and in mostly clean, and bright condition.  Record #A36972                                                       $100.00